Tijuana Massage Spa Service Overview

Ordering the Best Massage in Tijuana

Masaje Milagroso Spa’s menu for Massages is simple, customizable, and efficient which ensures you receive the massage you really want without any stress. No longer must you get a package of items you don’t really want to save money as all our services are a la cart and any way you pair them are an exceptional value. To order one of our 10 style of massages there are only 2 steps and two quick decisoins to make that you have already thought about as the word Massage came to your mind. For those who want more then a massage, we have optional items to add to your massage detailed in steps 3, 4 and 5. Below are steps 1 and 2, followed by 3, 4 and 5 if you want more spa treatments and massage enhancements. Our easy process ensures you get want you really want with your Massage in Tijuana.

First Step: Choose how long of Massage you want. 90 minutes is the most popular for your Massage

.5    Hour
1     Hour
1.5  Hours
2     Hours

Tijuana Massage Spa Receptionist

Second Step: Choose the Tijuana Massage you desire or tell us your goal and we’ll recommend one!


The most popular massages in Tijuana are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and the Relaxing Massage.  To see all Masaje Milagroso’s styles of Massage in Tijuana, click the link! If your style of Massage is not listed, call us because there is a good chance that a Massage Therapist at Masaje Milagroso knows how to give it and we just need to ensure she is available at the time and day you want to come in.

You are all set! Those two steps will get you the best Massage in Tijuana.

Couples Massage Tijuana

Steps 3 through 5 are optional but take a look!

Third Step: Enhance your Massage (Optional)

Premium Products

Masajes Tijuana Productos Premium

Compliments to your Massage in Tijuana:


Dead Sea Salt Exfoliation prepared and applied in a variety of ways.

Dead Sea Salt for Body Exfoliation

Massage + Massage Compliments:
Piedras Caliente

Hot Stone Massage Tijuana

Paso 4: Add additional Spa Services (Optional)

Body Clay Masks and Wraps.

Gold Body Clay after Massage Tijuana

Sauna, Jaccuzi, & Showers

Sauna and Jacuzzi Glass door at Massage Spa in Tijuana

5th Step: Get a good deal and Save Money (Opcional!)

A membership is essentially a package of massages. Memberships can be purchased in 4 or 8-hour options.

To simplify, the 4-hour option reduces the cost of the massage to $25 per hour. The 8-hour option reduces the cost to $23.13 per hour and also gives you the ability to register and use the membership between two people.

The 4-hour option is for single-person use only. The best part is that there are no limitations; you can use it any day, at any time, with any style of massage, and there’s no enrollment fee, no automatic renewal, and no expiration date. Save and purchase your massages in Tijuana wholesale at Masaje Milagroso Spa!

10 Styles of Tijuana Massages available at Masaje Milagroso

A core value of our Spa is that we do not charge different prices for different styles of Massage. All prices of Tijuana Massages at our spa are the same cost and the cost only varies by the amount of time you choose.  Below, you’ll see the 10 most popular styles of massage ordered at Masaje Milagroso Spa in TIjuana.
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Relaxing Massage Tijuana

Masaje Relajante Tijuana

Sports Massage in Tijuana with or without Cupping

Deportivo Masajes Tijuana Mas Ventosas

Deep Tissue Massage in Tijuana

Masaje Tejido Profundo Tijuana

Reflexology Massages in Tijuana

Reflexología Masaje Tijuana

Massage Lymphatic Tijuana

Masajes Linfaticos en Tijuana

Couple’s Massage Tijuana

Masaje Pareja Tijuana

Reductive Massage Tijuana

Masaje Reductivo Tijuana

Swedish Massage Tijuana

Masaje Sueco Tijuana

Enhance your Massage

Add Massage enhancements for your Tijuana massage and elevate your enjoyment of the massage in Tijuana to new levels!

We try to make it easy, All massage styles have the same price. The massage price varies solely based on the duration. Check out our 10 massage styles below!

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Piedras Caliente Tijuana

Hot Stones Massage Tijuana

Massage Premium Products

Exfoliacion Masaje

Exfoliation Treatment Tijuana

Aromatherapy Tijuana

Masaje ventosas

Cupping Treatment Tijuana

4-hands Massage Tijuana

Tratamientos de Spa en Tijuana

Agregue cualquier mejora enumerada a su masaje y lleve su disfrute del masaje en tijuana a nuevos niveles
Appointments on line for Massage in Tijuana


Tratamientos de Spa Mascarilla Corporal

Facial Masks and Facials in Tijuana


Shower y Decompression

Salón de Belleza en Tijuana

Hair Salon Services in Tijuana

Salón de Uñas Tijuana

Nail Salon Tijuana

Massage near your location - We have spa locations near Zona Rio and in Playas de Tijuana. All locations are open 7 days a week from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M.

Add any listed enhancement to your massage and take your massage enjoyment in Tijuana to new levels!

All massage styles have the same price. The massage price varies only based on the duration. Check out our 10 massage styles below!

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Massage Spa Zona Rio, Tijuana Location

Spa for Massages near the Beach in Playas de Tijuana

Massages in any location you want within Tijuana and Rosarito!

Masaje a Domicilio Tijuana